Wisdom Tooth Extractions in Newburyport, MA

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow in for most people. You might hear them being referred to as the 3rd molars. At Newburyport Family Dental in Newburyport, MA, these are things we like to explain to our patients.

Patients need to understand wisdom teeth are non-essential. Whether they don’t grow in at all or end up being removed, there are no problems associated with absent wisdom teeth. Unlike with other missing teeth, removed or absent wisdom teeth don’t need to be replaced.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

At Newburyport Family Dental, we’ve removed many wisdom teeth throughout our careers. They can cause different problems making removal a necessity. For example, wisdom teeth might not have room to grow. They can overcrowd other teeth or become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to cavities and cysts.

We offer wisdom tooth extractions near you, so you don’t have to travel for the procedure. Wisdom teeth that are closer to the edge can easily be extracted via a few handling maneuvers. Impacted and deep teeth might require surgical extraction. In a surgical extraction, we incise part of the gum to free the tooth and pull it out.

Recovering from surgical extraction takes more time. It’s also associated with a little more swelling. We’ll give you all the instructions you need for a speedy and comfortable recovery.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

After the tooth is extracted, we’ll place sterile gauze or cotton in your mouth and ask you to bite on it. This helps control bleeding and speed up clot formation. To avoid dislodging the clot, patients should avoid gargling, using a straw, or smoking. Mild oozing is normal for a couple of days.

If you or a loved one need a wisdom tooth extraction in Newburyport, feel free to give us a call to schedule an appointment now!

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