Digital X-rays in Newburyport, MA

At Newburyport Family Dental in Newburyport, MA, we rely on x-rays to help us diagnose and treat patients. Fortunately, we’ve invested in digital x-rays so you can get all the services you need in-office.

At Newburyport Family Dental, we know your time is valuable and can help preserve it thanks to our in-office digital x-ray machines. These machines will scan your dental cavity and show us the scan on a screen.

Types of X-rays

There are different types of dental x-rays, just like there are different x-rays of the chest and abdomen. Each type has a different view and depends on what we’re trying to see.

An occlusal x-ray is done with the jaw closed to see how both rows of teeth line-up and if there are any abnormalities.

A panoramic x-ray includes the machine rotating around the head to check wisdom teeth and issues with the jaw.

A periapical x-ray, however, is used to analyze the teeth from top to bottom.

A bitewing x-ray has you bite on a piece of paper to assess the crowns of your teeth.

You won’t have to worry about these or what type you need. We’ll let you know what kind of technique we want, and we’ll make sure it’s done properly in-office so you don’t have to waste any of your time.

Why We Use X-rays

Many of our patients wonder why we use x-rays when CTs and MRIs are considered advanced in comparison. So far, x-rays are considered more than great when it comes to scanning teeth and bones. While CT scans and MRIs are more accurate, they’re mostly used for soft tissue scans like when trying to assess the intestines, liver, brain, or lungs.

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