Partials & Dentures in Newburyport, MA

Are you living with tooth loss? Do you feel less attractive because you have missing teeth? Tooth loss can surely rob you of your beautiful smile. In turn, you might not feel good about your appearance. Furthermore, the empty spaces can also make it hard to eat and speak properly. Well, the good news is you can get your complete, healthy smile back.

At Newburyport Family Dental, we offer quality partials and dentures in Newburyport, MA. We want to restore both your smile and your self-confidence. Your dentist in Newburyport, MA can help you determine the best tooth replacement option for you.

A partial denture is an effective option if you have lost one or more teeth. This tooth replacement solution is either fixed or removable. Either choice is custom-made to fit your mouth.

Fixed partials are also known as a dental bridge. This is a mouth appliance that is connected to natural teeth or implants. Two crowns are placed over the abutment teeth, one on each side of the space. A replacement tooth is secured by the crowns. Once a fixed partial is placed, it is a permanent restoration.

Removable partial dentures consist of prosthetic teeth bonded to a metal framework. This type of partial is held in place by clips that attach to nearby teeth.

Full or Complete Dentures

Full dentures are for patients who have no teeth left or are missing one complete arch. The false teeth are attached to a gum-colored base.

If the upper teeth are missing, then you might prefer an open palate denture. This will provide more comfort and allow you to taste food better. But your Newburyport, MA dentist will make sure that any denture you wear fits securely. It is important that the appliance does not irritate the soft tissues of your mouth.

To prevent slippage and for added security, ask your dentist about implant-retained dentures. These dental prosthetics are connected to titanium posts. The posts serve as replacement roots that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. Implant-supported dentures are a more permanent tooth replacement solution.

Benefits of Tooth Replacement

One of the main benefits of replacing teeth is to restore your attractive smile. However, partials and dentures also help you preserve oral health. They allow you to eat, speak, and smile without reservation. For all these reasons, it is important to replace missing teeth. Give us a call to schedule an appointment now!

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