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Rehabilitate Your Smile

A Gingivectomy Eliminates Unhealthy Gum Tissue

Your gums provide an essential protective layer around your teeth. When they become unhealthy, your gums can put the surrounding soft tissue and teeth underneath at greater risk of developing complications. These are not just limited to dental health, either. You can also suffer systemic health problems as a result of gum disease. In cases of untreatable gum disease, your teeth and gums are better off if you remove the diseased parts of your gum tissue. This removal of the gums (or gingiva) is called a gingivectomy. Our team will determine if a gingivectomy is the best course of treatment for your gum issues during an examination here in our Newburyport, MA office. Don’t let your gums go—get them in shape at Newburyport Family Dental!

Life After a Gingivectomy

  • Healthier, more attractive gums and teeth
  • Better longer-term dental and medical health
  • A smile you’ll love to show off
  • An improved gumline
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What’s Involved in a Gingivectomy?

When you return for your actual procedure, we’ll first make sure you’re comfortable with anesthesia before starting work on your gums. Treatment entails making small incisions to loosen and remove the affected gum tissue. When providing gum disease treatment, we take great care to remove only the diseased portions of tissue. When possible, we will carefully shape the gums around each tooth for a natural, uniform look as we excise the tissue. This can provide an added cosmetic benefit when you have uneven or oversized gums. During treatment, we can also decrease the depth of any pockets that might have formed between your teeth and gums due to gum disease, allowing the two to grow together again. You’ll just have to eat soft foods and brush carefully for a few weeks during your gingivectomy healing process. Then you’ll be able to enjoy life with a healthy, beautiful smile once more.

We help your gums heal and your smile shine again!

dental patient smiling after gingivectomy treatment