Full Mouth Dental Implants - Newburyport, MA

Feeling Incomplete?

Full Mouth Dental Implants Put an End to Missing Teeth

Having no natural teeth left may seem like you’ve lost a critical part of yourself forever. Being toothless—or having no remaining healthy teeth—usually means dealing with a soft-food diet and slurred speech. But you can still regain a complete, healthy, and beautiful smile. The doctors here at Newburyport Family Dental both place and restore full sets of customized, permanent teeth, managing every stage of patient care, from consultation to completion, along the way. Full mouth dental implants, or full arch dental implants, give you a second chance at looking great and enjoying full dental functioning. That means eating, smiling, speaking, and laughing without worry or discomfort once again. With your new teeth you’ll experience renewed confidence in yourself and take joy in the things that you once took for granted. So, take heart—you haven’t lost anything that our highly trained and experienced team can’t replace.

Begin Your Journey to a Fully Restored Smile

We can determine if you’re a candidate for full mouth dental implants with a consultation here in our Newburyport, MA office. The implant procedure, performed on a subsequent visit, consists of inserting titanium implant posts into your jaw and securing bridges of new teeth to them. If you need any decayed teeth removed to make space for implants, we will do tooth extractions before post placement. These posts are made to last by one of the top manufacturers in the industry. The number of implant posts may vary based on your current state of dental health. Afterward, we’ll place your bridges on the posts—no need to see an outside specialist—and you can expect to resume eating, speaking, and carrying out all normal dental functions again soon afterward!

Before After
  • Full mouth dental implants patient
full mouth dental implants patient eating

Life After Full Mouth Dental Implant Placement

  • A full set of strong, healthy teeth
  • Lifelong performance and durability
  • Greater self-confidence
  • A better quality of life
  • No tooth-related dietary restrictions
  • Natural-sounding speech
  • Trouble-free maintenance

Get your full smile back forever!

full mouth dental implants patient smiling