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Same-Day Smile Restoration!

CEREC Crowns Never Make You Wait

Whether the above-the-gum portion of your tooth is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced, or you’re going to replace the tooth with a dental implant, you need a dental crown to complete your smile. With the revolutionary CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) system we have at Newburyport Family Dental, we can provide you with a high-quality, durable crown in a fraction of the time that it takes most practices to deliver a final restoration. While you sometimes have to wait weeks to receive traditional crowns, CEREC crowns are created the same day you’re having them placed. We don’t send crowns out for fabrication—we make them right here in our Newburyport, MA office. We’re dedicated to providing CEREC same-day crowns and other treatments that deliver reliable results and offer exceptional convenience. Read on to see how CEREC works!

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What’s So Special About CEREC Crowns?

  • Same-day quality crown creation and placement
  • In-house crown fabrication
  • A strikingly strong, confident, and natural-looking smile
  • Fewer office visits
  • Next-level cosmetic dentistry

Same-Day Dentistry Done with Quality and Precision

How is it possible to walk into our office with a damaged tooth and walk out the same day with a beautiful and fully functional one? Same-day crowns start with a scan of your teeth using a camera connected to the CEREC system. This renders a detailed 3D digital image which is then modified in CEREC’s on-board design program to create a blueprint for your new tooth or teeth. This information is then sent to CEREC’s built-in milling machine, which fabricates the crown—customized to you for a comfortable, perfect fit—right then and there. If you’d like, you can even watch while your new restorations are being made. Our team will then carefully place your new crown or crowns before the end of the appointment. That’s a newly reclaimed smile with crowns that were designed, created, and placed the very same day! Why wait longer to look and feel better?

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Get your smile back in one day!

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