Can You Wear a Sports Mouthguard with Braces?

Can You Wear a Sports Mouthguard with Braces?

May 24, 2022

From a safety and smile investment perspective, the good news is that you can wear sports mouthguards with braces. Our dentists in Newburyport, MA, offer customized mouthguards whether you have braces or not. Just as it’s true that sports mouthguards protect teeth during impact sports, they also protect braces. We invite you to make an appointment today with Newburyport Family Dental to learn more about this protective piece of sports equipment.

The Value of Sports Guards

If your child is involved in sports, it’s a reasonable assumption that they have high-quality protective gear in their gym bag. You know that buying a helmet with a high rating against injury is worth its cost. Similarly, safety pads, protective eyewear, and other gear are only as good at preventing injury as the quality of the product. The same is true with customized sports guards from our dentists near you. Instead of being tempted by the low cost of over-the-counter (OTC) sports guards, consider the cost of future dental work when the product fails to perform. Our dentists’ customized sports guards are more cost-effective than emergency dentistry or tooth replacement.

There’s a reason that professional athletes wear customized mouth protection. It has to do with safety and cost. Like you, they could choose to purchase an OTC mouthguard, but they typically do not. The reason boils down to a customized fit for comfort and safety and a safeguard against equipment failure. Rather than taking risks with the investment you’ve already put into your child’s smile with braces, we invite you to make an appointment to learn more about customized mouthguards for braces. Our dentists have cared for patients’ smiles in our community for over 40 years, and they welcome the opportunity to care for your child’s smile too!

The Value of Other Preventive Dentistry

Did you know that just as a customized sports mouthguard can save money against the cost of future dental work, the same is true with other preventive dentistry? Dental exams and professional teeth cleaning may seem like routine appointments when you schedule them, but they are also insurance to protect against future dental costs.

Consider this scenario. Your child seems to be brushing and flossing their teeth at home, just like dentists recommend. So, you may wonder why they need to visit a dentist for exams and cleanings? Preventive exams and cleanings keep smiles and teeth in peak health.

For example, small cavities can develop on teeth in even the most diligent brusher and flosser. When detected early, usually during an exam or cleaning, the dentist can treat them in minutes. Conversely, if cavities remain undetected and grow in size, therapy often includes larger fillings that require more invasive placement or a dental crown to maintain the tooth’s integrity. Oral cancer is a severe but sometimes likely possibility. As one of the fastest-growing types of cancer, oral cancer can affect patients of all ages, whether they smoke.

Additionally, oral cancer often goes unnoticed at home since its symptoms are difficult to notice in its early stages without specialized equipment. Our doctors use VELscope to detect abnormal mucosa in the mouth that the naked eye can’t see. Although oral cancer can be fatal if left untreated, early detection equals early care. Just as our advanced technology protects against undetected oral cancer, our technology in customizing sports guards to wear with braces protects against unforeseen dental emergencies and dental costs.

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