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Bone Loss Is Reversible

Regain Your Jawbone, Qualify for Dental Implants

Your teeth are anchored in your jawbone, and their very presence helps keep the bone healthy. When teeth fall out and no replacements are put in, the underlying bone can eventually begin to deteriorate. As a result, you’ll need to have both your teeth and the bone underneath replaced. Though this is not an ideal scenario, it’s also a resolvable issue. The team here at Newburyport Family Dental has extensive training and expertise in procedures that restore your facial esthetics and functioning, including bone grafting. This treatment can rebuild your jawbone, reestablish the distinctive shape of your face, as well as make you a candidate for dental implants, which are permanent, natural-looking replacements for teeth that you’ve lost. It all begins with a small, carefully placed sample of bone or comparable material.

What Bone Grafting Does for You

  • Restores your jawbone
  • Gives you a more youthful facial appearance
  • Stabilizes your teeth
  • Improves your gum health
  • Makes you a candidate for dental implants
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  • How The Bone Grafting Process Works

The Dental Bone Graft Procedure

Bone grafting involves taking a small portion of bone from a donor source or a similar artificial substitute and placing it into the part of your jaw where you’ve lost bone. Over time the graft will gradually integrate with and become a natural, permanent part of your jawbone. After healing is complete, your jawbone should be able to support dental implants, and you can begin the process of smile restoration. If you experience bone loss in your upper jaw, certain complications can develop. Because of its proximity to your jawbone, your sinus can collapse into the space left by the missing bone. When this occurs, our team can correct the problem with a sinus lift. This entails carefully elevating the floor of the affected sinus cavity and placing bone grafting material underneath to rebuild the bone and bolster the sinus. Whatever you need to restore your smile and reclaim your life, we can do it right here in our Newburyport, MA office.

Don’t let bone loss keep you from a perfect smile!

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