12 Don'ts After Getting Dental Crowns

12 Don'ts After Getting Dental Crowns

Jul 17, 2023

Dental crowns or caps are custom-made prostheses cemented or fixed onto existing teeth to improve their structure, strength, and appearance. In some cases, crowns are used with dental bridges and implants to replace missing teeth. Once in place, teeth crowns feel, look, and function like real teeth.

While often made from strong and durable materials like porcelain, zirconia, and gold, proper care and maintenance is essential to ensure long-term success and maintain a brighter,more functional smile. In this article, let’s discuss what you can’t do after getting a tooth crown in Newburyport, MA.

Don’ts after Dental Crowns

Below are immediate and long-term tips on how to keep your crown in excellent condition for longer:

Immediate Aftercare (24 to 72 hours)

For the next few days after getting a dental crown:

  1. Do not disturb the crown. Like many people, you may be attempted to touch the crown with a finger or tongue. Since your crown might take some time to settle completely, any disturbance can cause it to shift or dislodge, making it ill-fitting or uncomfortable.
  2. Avoid hard, crunchy, chewy, and sticky foods. These foods can cause too much pressure on the crown before it settles fully, causing it to dislodge. Avoid hard candies, nuts, crunchy fruits and vegetables, ice, and caramel.
  3. Do not eat while numb. After getting a crown, the anesthesia might take a while to wear off. During this recovery period, avoid chewing and consuming hot foods and beverages, as you can accidentally hurt your tongue, cheeks, and lips and disturb the crown, causing unnecessary complications.
  4. Don’t take very hot or cold beverages. After the crown procedure, you might experience minor soreness or sensitivity around the treated crowned tooth. It’s recommended to avoid exposure to extreme heat or cold as it can cause more discomfort or sensitivity.
  5. Do not ignore discomfort or an ill-fitting crown. Notify your dentist immediately if you experience persistent or worsening symptoms like pain or swelling after getting a tooth cap in Newburyport, MA. Similarly, notify the dentist if the crown doesn’t feel right, as it can cause complications if not adjusted.
  6. Don’t neglect oral hygiene. While your crown won’t develop decay due to poor oral hygiene, the underlying tooth can. Proper dental hygiene is essential to keep the crowned tooth and surrounding oral tissues healthy to keep your crown in good condition. Ensure you brush and floss. Brush gently around the treated tooth to avoid disturbing the crown. You can rinse with a saltwater solution to minimize infections.

Long-Term Dental Crown Care

Proper long-term care is essential to ensure your crown remains strong and brighter. Keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Avoidbruxism. Teeth grinding or clenching can cause severe damage to your teeth and crowns. If you have bruxism, seek dental treatment or get a mouthguard to protect your crown and teeth.
  2. Don’t neglect oral hygiene. Brush and floss regularly, especially after meals, to remove plaque and debris from the mouth. This reduces the risk of decay under the crown or other teeth. Brush gently to prevent damaging or dislodging the crown.
  3. Do not use teeth as tools. Using your teeth as tools to cut nails or open packages can cause your crown to crack, break, or dislodge.
  4. Do not miss regular check-ups. Regular check-ups to monitor your oral health and ensure your crown is in excellent condition. The dentist also cleans your mouth and addresses potential issues before they worsen.
  5. Avoid tobacco. Besides staining your teeth and crown, tobacco can encourage plaque and tartar buildup in the mouth, leading to decay and gum infections, which can affect the support of your crown.
  6. Avoid staining ingredients. Limit or avoid highly pigmented foods and beverages like soda, coffee, sauces, and red wine, as they can cause your crown to discolor over time. Unlike your teeth, a crown can’t be whitened once stained.

Get Dental Crowns in Newburyport, MA

Dental crowns are excellent ways to protect your tooth and restore its function and aesthetics. For more information about teeth crowns, contact Newburyport Family Dental.

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